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Providing Top-Notch Spec Homes

LJS Real Estate Company LLC offers you 22 years of experience in your search for purchasing a new home. Our spec homes are a great option to go with. We buy the lot where the property will be built on, build the home to completion and then sell it on the market.  


We use quality products that come with a 1-year warranty. All of our spec homes are well priced, and we make sure to find you the home suited for you.

Find your new home with us

If you're in need of purchasing your home soon, we can show you a list of currently available homes for your convenience. We are locally operated to be there for you 24/7 when looking for your spec home.

We are family-owned and locally operated to provide our spec home services at your convenience!

Spec home services you can count on

  • Build home to completion

  • Sell on open market

  • Buy the lot

  • Design and sell as brand new

Customize at different stages of your spec home purchase

If you have a very specific wish list for your new home purchase and are having trouble finding them, you may be able to make some customizations. Our experts will determine by the stage the house is in when you purchase it if it can be customized to everything you want.

Call today for listings of our spec homes:


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